Our mission

BLIXEM brings together the worlds of social skills and art through the language of circus. By combining these two fields we unite concepts such as exploration, curiosity, self-esteem and resilience.

Our trainings and workshops aim to help children discover who they are, what they find important and how they relate to others. Additionally we want to inspire and support parents and teachers in preparing children for our fast changing society. We choose to do this in a non-formal, playful and creative environment.

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Our projects & the International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


Our two main projects are: “As Strong as an Elephant!”, a combination of a circus-workshop and a theater experience, especially designed for toddlers and young children aged 3 to 7 years old; and Rock & Water trainings: resilience workshops which we enrich with the language of circus.

Both of our projects have been performed with great success over the past 5 years at different international schools in the Netherlands. Our projects deepen the IPC programme, such as the “Circus” unit and the “Express yourself” unit.  Besides that we aim to offer support for teachers and exciting, appropriate work for children.


Rock& Water Training

The Rock& Water program aims at raising self-awareness and at learning how to play and work together. BLIXEM strengthens this program by using the language of circus

The aim of the training is not to perform a beautiful circus trick. Instead, we emphasize the relationship between the physicality and expression of circus arts and the development self-confidence and resilience. We practice areal silks, trapeze, balance, acrobatics and juggling.

Through games students learn to stand strong, negotiate using " rock" or "water" verbal approaches, walk away from a fight, consider alternatives to aggression and develop understandings about who they are.

In January 2018 a new training will start in Amsterdam Zuid. There are still a few places available. Email us for more information or to subscribe!

Two workshop possibilities for schools: 1. The workshop “Feelings” can deepen the IPC Unit ‘Express yourself". It explores topics such as body language, personal space, boundaries, how to communicate from your centre and how these topics can make a difference in your expression. 2. An after-school training that consists of a number of workshops for students. 

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Young Children Discover Circus

YCDC ( Young Children Discover Circus): As Strong As An Elephant!

Our YCDC workshops are inspired by the approach of Reggio Emilia. In line with this vision, we believe in the power and the will of children to create and explore. We wish to create a playful space for children that awakens their imagination and wonder within the magical world of circus.

By using storytelling, magic, music and props we take the children on a journey of discovery through the circus. Through the use of improvisation exercises, as well as the language of circus and dance, the children are encouraged to discover their personal expression.

Through the use of stories of different circus characters, we will guide the children in exploring balance, by using different objects as well as each other.Working on the theme of balance helps children to develop a sense of collaboration and to develop focus and creativity.

CIRCUS CLUBS 2018-2019:

AICS AMSTERDAM             Tuesday 15:30 - 16:30

AICS SATELLITE                  Monday 15.30 - 16.30